Unable to transfer DNS (registrar for hosting)

I’d like to transfer all of my DNS records (for my domain names) to Cloudflare. However I can only transfer some of them. Is there any timeline when my domain name might be transferable?

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Hi @pastorbauer,

I am not clear entirely what you are asking…

You can use Cloudflare’s DNS on any domain (just not subdomains).

This now seems to be looking at Cloudflare Registrar rather than the DNS service… Currently not all domain names are transferrable, only some TLDs are supported, but they are hoping to slowly grow the list.

Do you mean that when you add a domain to Cloudflare it will show only a part of the current records?

If so that is by “design”. Cloudflare doesn’t query every single possibile subdomain for a domain because they physically can’t. They query the most common ones.

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Indeed, I’m talking about domain name hosting (registrar) itself, not the other services. Sorry for the confusion.

If the answer is just simply, "wait until that extension (in my case, it’s the “.us” extension) is available, then I suppose the answer is just “be patient.”

If that is the case though, does anyone know when my domain name would then be able to be hosted, or when that availability would arrive?

That is the answer.

Unfortunately no ETAs, there are a lot of technical and burocratiche hurdles to go through that can’t be shared publicly. Especially with the Country TLDs (the two letter ones, like .us, .de, .it, etc.).

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