Unable to transfer co.uk domain into Cloudflare registrar

Hi, according to https://www.cloudflare.com/en-gb/tld-policies/ co.uk domains should now be supported.
However, I am unable to transfer my co.uk domain as the domain does not get populated in the select domains to transfer dialog.
This domain has been with Cloudflare (for DNS etc) for years. My other .com & .net domains have all been transfered successfully in the past. I would really like my co.uk domain to be tranferred too…
Can anyone shed any light on this?

I’m seeing the same. I have three .uk domains, all which have been in Cloudflare for DNS for years, all of which are out of the 60 day lockout period after a previous registrar change. I guess the feature might still be rolling out to all customers?

All working perfectly this morning. I have managed to transfer my .co.uk domain, and also once transferred renewed it for multiple years at a significant discount to what I was previously paying.

I’ve got the process started, but now having changed the IPS Tag at my old registrar Cloudflare has yet to update and notice after a couple of hours.

Mine picked up the change within a couple of minutes of me updating the IPS tag. If this issue is still persisting for you I would suggest that you contact support to see if they can help.

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When I look to transfer a .co.uk domain, it says that the renewal/wholesale price is $0. That surely isn’t right. Does anyone know the renewal price? I know that you don’t get 1 renewal when you transfer, so that’s probably why it says it’s free, but surely there’s a renewal.

I will need to login to your account and take a look into this. Please create a support ticket and provide us with the domain name and a screenshot in the ticket. Please post your ticket number here. Thanks!

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I renewed for 8 years yesterday and the total invoice cost was $43.06 - So $5.38(ish) per year. This worked out to be <£4 per year, so I am pretty happy with that.

Hi @Purnima
My ticket number is: #2269488
Sorry for the delay in emailing you :slight_smile:

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I will take a look and reply, thanks!

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I’m seeing similar issues. I have multiple .co.uk domains, but only one is populated in the select domains to transfer dialog.
The only one showing up has been successfully transferred, so I’m eager to transfer the test.
Should I also create a ticket?

I successfully initiated the transfers by using the “transfer” button from the “manage” interface of the dashboard.

(I created a support ticket, the support engineer replied with this workaround in 4 hours. Amazing!)

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