Unable to transfer a premium domain?

Hello, I can get most of the way through a domain transfer, but then I get an error. I can register domains with the same extension (.business) and moved another domain with an almost identical URL, but this one gives me an error. Any way around this? I’m able to get as far as entering my transfer code, but then the transfer fails on Cloudflare’s side.

I’m trying to move eric.business to Cloudflare from Google Domains. I’ve moved eric.finance and about 40 others recently with no errors. This is the last one on the list.

The message on the screen:

Something went wrong…

Unable to transfer a premium domain eric.business.

I get this message at the bottom of the page:
Unable to transfer a premium domain eric.business (Code: 10000)

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Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Some registries designate a domain name as “premium” and charge higher wholesale rates for these domains.

If eric.business is triggering the response you shared, it is likely designated a premium domain by its registry, Identity Digital, formerly known as Donuts Inc.

Cloudflare does not currently support premium domains.

You will need to transfer it to a registrar other than Cloudflare if you do not want to leave it with Google, soon to be Squarespace.

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That’s disappointing. Thanks for the information.


If your domain definitely is premium, this is probably not relevant. I wanted to make sure you knew of it, though, because I remembered your domain was issued by this registry.

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Mine is from Identity Digital, it appears. I moved it yesterday from Google to NameCheap, so it’s stuck there for a couple of months. I’ll give it another try then. Thanks for sharing this info.


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