Unable to switch off Cloudflare WARP

I’ve been using Cloudflare WARP for a while, and I enjoy using it. But since just a couple of days ago, I am unable to switch it off.

As you can see below in my screenshot, my windows machine has started to show that I am not connected to my WiFi network, but can still see the orange Cloudflare logo. My internet still somehow works at this point.

However, when I turn the WARP off, I see my internet stop working completely -

So, somehow it seems that I am able to connect to the internet ONLY using WARP, and unable to use internet the standard way.

There are some websites that I need to access with my regular IP, without WARP.

Here is my link :*bg41fz*_ga*MTQ4MDY0NTU2NC4xNjUzMDgzNzQ0*_gid*NTU0MzIwNDIxLjE2NTY2OTYwNTc.#eyJpc0NmIjoiWWVzIiwiaXNEb3QiOiJObyIsImlzRG9oIjoiTm8iLCJyZXNvbHZlcklwLTEuMS4xLjEiOiJZZXMiLCJyZXNvbHZlcklwLTEuMC4wLjEiOiJZZXMiLCJyZXNvbHZlcklwLTI2MDY6NDcwMDo0NzAwOjoxMTExIjoiTm8iLCJyZXNvbHZlcklwLTI2MDY6NDcwMDo0NzAwOjoxMDAxIjoiTm8iLCJkYXRhY2VudGVyTG9jYXRpb24iOiJNSUEiLCJpc1dhcnAiOiJZZXMiLCJpc3BOYW1lIjoiQ2xvdWRmbGFyZSIsImlzcEFzbiI6IjEzMzM1In0=

Can someone help please?

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