Unable to submit support request (no error) - How to contact Cloudflare?

Hello, " Get additional help" option on support page guide me through, founds nothing related and links to knowledge base articles, and says:
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, consider asking your question on the Cloudflare Community. You can also view domain diagnostics on the Error Analytics page.

Previous / Done.

and i can only close the window (Done). Not able to submit support request. SO how to submit it?

What i have needed:
on the mydomain.tld/analytics/traffic tab is shown several countries sorted by most visit count. Yet i am looking for a country not listed unique visitor count. And this country is not displayed. I wish CF improve this. I have tried to add Firewall rule to challenge captcha all countries except one i am interested in, my aim was to to reduce traffic to see that country in traffic stats, but it not helped. Unsure if would help to block all traffic not from this country. I wish this is improved so user can click and see also less visitor countries because CF certainly have these stats.

If you are a Free user , Community is the only way you can get Help !

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Not true! You can email [email protected] directly, then post the ticket number here for escalation!


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