Unable to submit a Domain Categorization request

I’m trying to update the Domain Categorization for the3ddesignblog.mystrikingly.com. When I remove phishing and select education I get the error “131 not in current security categories”

I can reproduce it too :thinking:

May I suggest yo to try the “old-fashioned” way by using the “Support menu” from the top of Cloudflare Dashboard interface, therefrom Support → Contact Cloudflare → Technical - Website → Other I don’t know → Select the affected domain and write a brief description.

Kindly, share the ticket number here with us so we could escalate this issue.

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I created a ticket for this issue and messaged you there!

Issue resolved.

From support:
"What’s happening is that the3ddesignblog.mystrikingly.com is inheriting a category from parent domain, in this case probably mystrikingly.com. The API can’t remove the category from the subdomain because it doesn’t exist on the subdomain, though the UI makes it appear that it does. We have added a field that can be used to indicate that a category is inherited.

The miss categorization report report is submitted to the parent domain."

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