Unable to Stop Bot Event After Using Web Application Firewall from Cloudflare :'(

I have a visitor of 8000 (in Google Analytics) but in CloudFlare i have 1,368,848 Unique Visitors.
-> I am using Cloudflare pro account.
-> I am using Web Application Firewall.
-> I also set some rules which i think bot.
-> I am getting hit on some urls which I don’t have resource on, I block access to those urls
-> I also set JS challenge in some case
-> I am using cache everything.

I am not using JS Challenge to all over my website because if i do so I lose traffic from google.

After all this I am unable to keep my website up. my apache goes down. cloudflare show connection time out.

How to i stop bots?

How do i find out which is legit traffic and which is bad traffic. and how do stop my server resource use for bad traffic.

Suppose I buy Load balancing. My 8000 visitor and Cloudflare showing 1,368,848 unique visitor. I will have to pay way more than I make from this website.

You can use Firewall Rules to use JS Challenge for regular users, but let friendly bots through. You can fine-tune the rule as needed:

It sounds like you’re done most of the suggestions from this article, but it’s worth re-reading:

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Thank you for the answer. I try your suggestion. I let friendly bots through but still I lose google traffic…

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