Unable to solve error 522

CF tunnel is working as i have one services which i am able to connect to securely, however, Bitwarden i receive this error 522. a few days ago it worked then these error. I installed another domain which populated with my original DNS, not sure if this has anything to do with it. Plse see attached

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello there,

I would appreciate if you check this solution:

Hi thanks for the reply , i have checked the tutorials and i understand what the issue is , but i don’t understand why one services App Guacamole works but not Bitwarden they are both connected to the same UUID ?

Would you check the configurations again especially the UUID?

Hi , OK, I have two UUID one for mtamo.co.uk & new domain mtamo.uk , why would the mtamo.uk be placed in my original domain .co.uk DNS as there is nothing in the DNS for .uk only the original IPS?

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