Unable to sign in after enabling cache everything Page rules

Hi folks,

Newbie here. I am using wordpress theme and I am using the 3 free Page Rules. When I enable https://mydomain.com/* (Cache everything). I am unable to sign in using the theme sign in box. This only happens in the front page. If I go any other page, I am able to sign in. The sign in box does nothing and returns ma back to sign in. However, when I visited another page or checkout. I can see that I am signed in. I am also able to use the default WP login. https://mydomain.com/wp-login.php.

The front page loads really fast though

I assume, this has to do with cookie etc. I don’t cookie bypass in my free Page Rules set.

Any ideas?



Cache Everything is always risky. I suggest you either limit it to the front page, or turn it off completely.

You’d be better off using APO at $5/month if you’re on a free plan. It’s free if you’ve already paid for a plan.

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