Unable to set up report for Website traffic for previous periods

Using the setting on the cloudflare, only able to get a report for the last 7 days traffic, even when choosing custom option it limits the report to only the last 7 days? Have been able to get monthly reports in the past, but does not seem to allow me now?


Based on your account type, reporting periods in Cloudflare may vary. Free plans typically restrict the data to recent periods. For custom reports beyond the last 7 days, you may need to upgrade your plan. However, you should check your analytics settings again as the dashboard often allows data viewing for the last 30 days.

Please also ensure that the traffic was routed through Cloudflare before the last seven days.

You will not see traffic when your DNS records are gray-clouded since that means that traffic is not proxied through Cloudflare:

Identifying subdomains compatible with Cloudflare’s proxy