Unable to set up Email. Also error code 2014

Hi all,
I’m really struggling to fix my email set up issue. I tried to set it up and was unsure what to put into “destination” What does destination mean?
I want all business emails to be sent to the business email address only.

So I put in what I want my business email address to be “[email protected]
and in destination I also put “[email protected]
Is this the correct way to do it?

Once I submitted it that way, it produced no result. I don’t see any email option or access in my Cloudflare account. I can’t undo it, get technical support, or override it with a different email because it gives me error code “Duplicated Zone rule Code: 2014”

This is holding me back from setting up all of my business paperwork and filings because I need that email to exist and to be able to access it.

What do I do?!
I appreciate the help greatly.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Cloudflare doesn’t offer mailbox service. Cloudflare Email Routing is a forwarding service. It requires a destination email address at a mailbox provider. You have requested an impossible configuration that would result an infinite loop.

If you have domain email somewhere else, you will want to send mail directly there by creating MX records according to your email service providers guidelines. This is the preferable option.

If you plan on using Cloudflare Email Routing instead, you need to forward it to a mailbox in another domain.

Thank you so much for your response. I didn’t know that, makes sense! I haven’t created my domain email anywhere else. Since I put “[email protected]” into this Cloudflare routing, will this cause an issue when I go to create my domain email with this same address else where?

You will need to disable email routing.

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When I go to email routing it gives me the page with the blue “get started” button as if it was never set up in the first place. Do I assume this is true or is there a way to check?

I suspect that is likely true.

It seems it is indeed likely. I’m able to set up my email on another server. Thank you so much for your help and quick responses!! :pray:

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Hi again!
I’m wondering if you would know the answer to this. I decided I would rather set up Cloudflare forwarding and have it go to Gmail. Since my error code 2014, I still can’t set up the email forwarding. Is there any way to undo what I had original put in? It still shows as if email forwarding was never set up though, but still can’t put in a new destination address either.

Other than the documentation I linked earlier, including adjacent pages in the range topic, I don’t have any other resources on email routing.

Okay, appreciate it!

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