Unáble to sent mail to Hotmail or Outlook e-mailadresses

Hi Cloudflare community,

Since April 14 I AM unáble to sent email to Hotmail or Outlook e-mailadresses, any other email-adres on the same server, can perfectly sent mails to Hotmail or outlook, only [email protected] doesn’t work

I don’t recieve An error message at all, it is only when I test, sending An email to any hotmail.com email that it never makes to the inbox or spam folder Just absolutely nothing.

I asked Microsoft and they said they don’t see any reason why my mail wouldnt reach their clients

Can you guys please take a look at my Cloudflare DNS settings maybe I setup something wrong? It had always worked like this, but maybe Microsoft suddenly no longer liked my DNS settings or something…

I hope you guys can help me, it would mean the world to me.


That CNAME for ‘mail’ should be an “A” record using the same IP address of the other “A” records. And it should be :grey: DNS Only.

Thank you so much for your reply, I really appreciate it. My hosting provider changed some things and Cloudflare now looks like this, they changed a lot to DNS only. Can you please have another look.

I changed the one you told me to.



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