Unable to send some emails from Google Workspace to Microsoft Office 365 Mailboxes


I am really stuck in circles for this and came here to post hoping that someone could help.

Last month I noticed that some of our clients were not receiving our emails. We investigated and noticed that they were all using Outlook/Office 365. I had asked Google for support and they mentioned that everything is fine, my SPF, DKIM, DMARC are all looking good.

Emails were mysteriously vanished from Microsoft side. When we checked the Message ID, we could not trace them once they have entered into a Microsoft server.

Google Workspace team suspected that my Domain’s name server under Cloudflare is under the blacklist, and hence they have rejected my emails. They asked me to contact Support - unfortunately I am not business plan.

Hence wondering if anyone here could help me?

I have checked that the domain is not on any blacklist, it just vanished whenever sending to a microsoft account.

The Google representative that sent you to Cloudflare may be misguided and has given you bad advice. Microsoft is not making your email disappear because you use Cloudflare DNS.

The Cloudflare Community is not able to provide support for this. You need Google to work with Microsoft to determine an appropriate solution.

If you are interested in engaging in a parallel effort within a support community, the dmarcian forum may be suitable, as email delivery is within their scope.

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