Unable to send emails through SMTP on server

I am trying to send email from Server using SMTP in python. I am getting error ‘We do not authorize the use of this system to transport unsolicited,\nand/or bulk e-mail.’ while sending email. I have added the DNS record for ‘mail’.

Could any one please help me?

Hi @user1179,

Cloudflare does not handle mail. You need to unproxy all mail related DNS records (set them to :grey:, not :orange:). Any issues you are having then aren’t related to Cloudflare, as long as you have the correct DNS records added.

Hi, I have set below records for mail:

  1. type ‘A’, name ‘mail’ and proxy status as ‘DNS only’.
  2. type ‘MX’, mail server ‘mail.domain.com’, proxy status is ‘DNS only’.
    I am still not able to send email through SMTP.
    Am I missing something?

Your setup looks OK, if you are connecting to the mail. hostname, it is :grey: so Cloudflare is not involved.

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