Unable to send email

Hello, I would appreciate if someone can help with this. I can receive emails without a problem, but I am unable to send out emails. attach is our dns setup. I reviewed the dns setup guide but still can’t figure the problem. Thank you.

What error are you seeing? This usually happens because the mail client is configured to connect to example.com instead of mail.example.com

Everything was working perfectly fine before the switch to Cloudflare, so it is probably not an email client issue.

Errors look like this:

The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect.
[enotalone.com timed out] [enotalone.com timed out] [enotalone.com 2606:4700:3108::ac42:2b54: timed out] [enotalone.com 2606:4700:3108::ac42:28ac: timed out]

I believe what @sdayman mentioned is correct.

Plus, this is a Cloudflare IP address. For emails to work, mail-related subdomain shouldn’t be proxy :orange:.

Your email client should connect to mail.enotalone.com instead of the root domain.

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the problem with that is that my mail.domain.com does not have SSL/TLS and gmail which I use as email client only allows ssl/tls connection for sending mail so I have no option but to use the domain.com

any other way to make this work? thank you.


You’ve already isolated the problem. Now it’s up to your mail provider to set this up properly.

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