Unable to select Server location

I ask why is it not possible to choose the server to perform the Speedtests.

I live on a French island in the Indian Ocean. There was recently a connection problem between my home and the European servers. The local server was down in addition to a problem with a submarine cable. As a result, I was able to do my tests on a server based in Paris. And it was perfect, from a test point of view: I could carry out tests on the “internet”. Most of the services are French.
Apart from the repair of the problem, I can no longer perform these tests which are done locally (so almost from the “intranet”) and therefore, I can no longer complain to my ISP.

Which Speed Test are you looking at?

This one:

Like most Cloudflare services, they use Anycast IP addresses, so it’s up to your ISP to determine the routing to that host.

L’outil est intéressant malheureusement pour moi, je ne pourrait plus l’utiliser: si je ne peux choisir le server, les informations données ne me sont d’aucune utilité.
C’est bien dommage.

That is a disadvantage. Theoretically, your ISP is choosing the “fastest” route, but there other speed tests that also don’t let your choose. Speedtest.net is the only one I can think of that always let me choose a server.

What you said is absolutely true, only my ISP provided me with access to the internet and not to the intranet.
Let me explain:
If I do a test on a local server, I have between 150Mbts and 400Mbts. If I do the same test to France, I get 40Mbts to 90Mbts. This is due to my ISP’s proprietary fiber optic local network. After this network, we are on a submarine cable that no longer belongs to my ISP. Therefore, my connection depends on the speed allocated by my ISP shared by all the users on my Island.
Also, my deplorable connection I had these days was at best 1.5Mbts but more often 0.5Mbts. This is why an external test is interesting.

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