Unable To See Or Edit DNS Settings After Transferring Domain To CloudFlare

Hello! I transferred the domain RSDcleaning.com to my Cloudflare account on Thursday and the domain was working fine. On Friday, the “website” profile for RSDcleaning.com was missing from my Cloudflare account (and the site is down) but it still shows as a registered domain in my account. I tried to re-add the domain as a website profile but it is telling me to point away from the Cloudflare nameservers that were in the old (deleted) profile and to point towards a new set of Cloudflare nameservers. This should be no problem because the domain is registered in the same account but I’m unable to edit any of the DNS records and can’t update the nameservers. If I navigate to the “Manage Domains” section and try to click the “Manage” button for RSDcleaning.com nothing happens and it stays on the same page with all of the domains listed. I think something may need to be refreshed on Cloudflare’s end so that I can edit the DNS for RSDcleaning.com.

I opened a ticket for this on Friday as well but was hoping for a fast resolution so I wanted to post here.

Thanks for the help!

That statement usually means you removed and readded the website from your account or you’re adding the website to a second cf account, but in this case, it’s different.

It looks like jasmine & rudy nameservers are propagating.

I did notice your account is part of a multi user org, meaning you have two different account options when you log into https://dash.cloudflare.com/.

I see your websites when I select the top box
Screenshot 2023-12-03 at 1.49.33 PM

Can you share that ticket number, I’d like to make sure my Registrar colleagues see it. I’ll flag this post for their attention.

We have updated your ticket, and it appears we have resolved the issue, but if that is not the case please let us know.

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