Unable to See Dashboard to Verify Domain

I am trying to verify my domain so that I can set up my Google email. toempowerment.org is the domain

I am not even seeing the page that shows the DNS tab on dashboard so that I can enter the codes.

You don’t have any domains in your account so you won’t see the DNS app in the dashboard.

Select +Add Site from your home screen.

But, that domain shows as already active on Cloudflare, perhaps it’s under a different account of yours?

$ dig ns toempowerment.org +short
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When I log in under the other account, of the person who created it I don’t see the DNS app either

Do I need to add a site in order to be able to see the domain?

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Yes, you do. As I recall, neither of the accounts you have access to have existing domains. Is toempowerment.org your domain & have you been using it with Cloudflare for a while?

BTW, there are #tutorials on setting up and troubleshooting email here, Email Troubleshooting.

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