Unable to save user credentials in WordPress

Hello Community, I am trying to get cloudflare wordpress plugin working on a website in newly setup VPS. When I enter the email address and API token to login on the config page I get this error:

Unable to save user credentials
Take note that I have been able to to do this succesfully with another website.
What could be happening here. Any help will be much appreciated.

It could be a caching issue. What’s the domain?

Hey Sdayman- thanks for reaching out - the domain is www.ngarepairs.co.za -

How can I send your wp logins safely?

A bit of background is that this domain was recently added to a VPS

That domain is not using Cloudflare. It’s using tld-ns name servers, and resolves to an Apache server hosted by what looks like OnApp Cloud Hosting.

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Thanks Sdayman. Indeed. The problem is that when I try to login on the Cloudflare config page using the email address and Global API (to activate the clodflare plugin)- I get the error that says: Unable to save user credentials- so I can’t get basic setup running there before we even talk about adding dns. I have the basic settings working perfectly for another website: clocktech.co.za without setting up the DNS.

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