Unable to run speedtest and getting 522 errror, DNS issue?

HI all,

I need help, im unable to connect to my server through my domain, if i runa ping to the domain it come back fine but when trying to connect i get a 522 error, i also cant run a speedtest within cloudflare and i ge the error ‘The Speed test could not run’ i guess this is related? Could this be a DNS issue?
I dont have any rules in place that might block it and i’ve double checked all my port forwarding etc, i have had this setup and working for me in the past but it just stopped in recent weeks.

I have moved my domain over from godaddy to cloudflare too as i thought all being in one place may be a bette ridea but it’s still the same, any help would be apprecialted. :frowning:

Hi friend, can you modify your DNS records?

Yes, Cloudflare allows me to add/remove and modify, i’m worried that some may be missing or are incorrect which is causing my issue :frowning:

I can’t change the DNS records for all domains under my account
just add what the ■■■■

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