Unable to Route Through WARP Connector

I am trying to get private network to private network connectivity through the warp connector as described here:

I am completely unable to get traffic to route through the connector host though. I can connect to stuff on the other side of tunnels on the WARP connector machine, but no matter what I do with routing tables or local firewalls, it seems like the traffic just isn’t being routed through the warp connector host.

My Connector is in AWS and I have tried setting the routing table directly on a host in the environment with the route add command as well as adding the route to the AWS route table for the subnet.

I have tried hardened hosts as well as vanilla ubuntu machines and I’m just not seeing the traffic even attempt to pass through the connector.

Strangely, if I try and install the Warp connector on both sides, I cannot hit the application on the far end from the local connector. If I install a local connector and a remote cloudflared host, I can hit the remote application on the connector host through Cloudflare, but I can’t route through the connector.

At the end of the day, I have some server 2022 hosts in one AWS account that I am trying to route through Cloudflare to another VPC. I was hoping the connector would make for easy site-to-site routing, but that hasn’t been the case yet.

Any guidance anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.