Unable to route emails to bigpond.com

destination email server is not accepting emails forwarded from Cloudflare error is upstream (extmail.bigpond.com.) error: failed to initalize: Unknown error: permanent error (550): 5.7.1 [email protected] Sender rejected. Sender domain5.7.1 is blocklisted in Abusix NOD. IB307. See https://lookup.abusix.com/5.7.1 i{caf43ada-c0bc-4916-bf35-e222403101f1}

You would have to contact BigPond about that issue, as they are the ones rejecting the message.


BigPond doesn’t like the tilligerry.org domain.

BigPond claims it is listed in Abusix NOD.

NOD stands for Newly Observed Domains.

Looking up the tilligerry.org, it appears that it was registered on 2024-03-01, which is today…

Many mail servers reject messages from newly registered domains due to the massive spam that is often seen from “throwaway domains”, and this is what you’re seeing here.

Personally, I wouldn’t suggest to expect any kind of golden deliverability for a minimum of the first three (3) months of your domain’s registration, e.g. at least until 2024-06-01, and maybe even (way) longer than that.

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