Unable to rollback your email. Please try again. (Code: 1046)

hi i received an email :
The email address for the Cloudflare account associated with this email address [my email] has been changed as of 2021-07-12 19:46:00 UTC. Your new email address is: [redacted] ( the hacker email )

If you did not make this change, use the following email rollback link to revert the change:

Or enter the following rollback code directly into the email rollback page.

(xxxxxx is my unique code cloud flare send to my email )
Thanks for using Cloudflare.

The Cloudflare Team

my account hacked and and i cant reciver when try recover
i have this error :
Unable to rollback your email. Please try again. (Code: 1046)

please help me

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Hi @janjaliha.io,

Have you tried this link in a different browser, just to check?

Iā€™m escalating this immediately for the attention of the customer support team, given the nature of your issue. Can you also email [email protected] from the email address that was on the account and explain the issue? You should receive an autoresponse with a ticket number, please post that number here.


What domains were in the account that received the message indicating the email change, can you share it/those here?


hi @domjh thanks for your answer
i cant access to my account for open ticket
i send ticket from our team account with 2211300 ticket number
and i try to email support now

Thanks for the ticket number, do you have the info that @cloonan was after?

my domains now work ( hackers dose not change any thing )
for example : https://phonroid.com https://4down.net

Are you in control of the account and able to move them out? If so, as soon as you are, change your password, set up 2fa and rotate your api keys


hi @cloonan
thanks for your anwser
i received email but after 8 days i saw email

no i cant access to my cloud flare account and when i try to rollback my email i see this error : [Unable to rollback your email. Please try again. (Code: 1046)]

To close the loop on this 1046 issue

so how can i rollback ? my account hacked and i cant rollback it

You should follow the instructions in the email from Customer Support from a few hours ago.