Unable to retrieve images

Currently we try to provide another party with our product images via a productfeed. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be able to retrieve the images and can only share that there is an error instead of what the actual error is. They could share the IP-address but I can’t find it in the firewall logs, also I added it within the firewall rules to provide acces but there doesn’t seem to be any activity.

Is there maybe a way to debug this issue via other logs within the cloudflare interface?

Hm, could you re-check in case if you have got the Hotlink Protection enabled under the Scrape Shield tab at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name?

Kindly, add it to both a Firewall Rule and IP Access Rule with action “Allow”.

Does any request appear from that IP or some other in Firewall Events log?

Hi @fritex , thanks for all suggestion! I checked them all and Hotlink Protection wasn’t enabled, I already added the IP-addresses they provided (2 possible IP’s) a couple of weeks ago, both in Firewall Rules and IP Access Rules with the action Allow. Also I don’t see any of the IP’s as blocked IP’s in the Firewall Events log, only a couple of requests via Tor.

I use these headers, maybe that could have an impact?
Header always set Strict-Transport-Security: “max-age=31536000” env=HTTPS
Header always set Content-Security-Policy “upgrade-insecure-requests”
Header always set X-Content-Type-Options “nosniff”
Header always set X-XSS-Protection “1; mode=block”
Header always set Expect-CT “max-age=7776000, enforce”
Header always set Referrer-Policy: “no-referrer-when-downgrade”
Header always append X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN
Header always set Permissions-Policy “geolocation=(); midi=();notifications=();push=();sync-xhr=();accelerometer=(); gyroscope=(); magnetometer=(); payment=(); camera=(); microphone=();usb=(); xr=();speaker=(self);vibrate=();fullscreen=(self);”

This is what they came back with “we experienced timeouts on the requests. The connection is accepted, but we get no data…”

Maybe any other suggestions or logs I could check?

Could you share with us an URL link to the image you tried to provide to the another party?

RSS feed or?

Of course, hereby a link to an image within the feed that couldn’t be retrieved:

The feed is setup as an XML feed via the Product Feed Pro Wordpress plugin.

I also found some additional information on how they would like to process images:
Ensure that all image URLs are accessible by the ip addresses and that there is no rate limit.
To reduce the latency when updating an ad we suggest that the response contains either an ETag and/or Last-Modified header which only changes when the image itself has changed. It should also be possible to check these headers using a HEAD request.

Media types
Each resource has a specific media type of the following form to support content negotiation and versioning : application/sellside.{entity}-{version}+json;charset=utf-8

The version field is mandatory.
The media type is used for the Content-Type and Accept headers.
This allows us to change the structure of a response without breaking existing code since you have to request the new content type while the old version is still available for some time. For backwards compatible changes like adding a new field to an existing structure we will not change the version number.

Content-Type and Accept Headers
Every request must set the Accept header to:

, application/json

This permits the server to generate the response in the format the caller expects. application/json is required to return the error response.

Additionally, each POST and PUT request must also set the Content-Type header to: