Unable to resolve {URL} Try checking the URL for validity

Hi guys so I occasionally test my website’s performance on Google Page Speed Insights, and after pointing my nameservers to Cloudflare and modifying my DNS records, I encounter this issue when I try to do a website analysis it says: “Unable to resolve {URL} Try checking the URL for validity.” Can anyone advise me on how I can resolve the issue? My hosting provider says it has to do with my DNS records not being configured properly. I’ve tried everything, and it still doesn’t want to work.

What is the URL?

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it’s dylanwebs . co . za (I have disabled the proxy status for my a record and cname record and it made it work, but I am concered to leave it off as it leaves my site vorunable for hackers. Assuming there’s some sort of firewall rule that blocks page speed insights and gtmetrix

Re-enable the proxy and try the tests again. If they are blocked, the reason will be shown in your dashboard here…

You can then adjust or configure additional rules in the WAF to allow the tests access.

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Okay upon activating the proxy for the dns records again and running the Google Page Speed insights thereafter, as expected did return the error. I navigated to security - events and there are no events displaying whatsoever.

I have also noticed that when my Security level is on “Essentially Off” on Cloudflare the page speed test works fine. So I am sure its a setting on my dashboard. Just not sure which one.

I also got a Status code: 403 from cloudflare when I tried doing a speed test on my dashboard

Tried your site on the Google test, get the same (unable to resolve) error. Which is odd, as the site does resolve. Googling indicates this error can be returned with slow sites, but not sure. Someone else may know more.

The issue with the Cloudflare test may be due to security settings in your Cloudflare account. Cloudflare’s test services (healthcheck, page speed, etc) don’t get special treatment by Cloudflare, so rules can block them if they look bot-like or violate other rules. If you got a 403 when running a test, that should appear in the security events and you can tune the WAF to work round (we have to do this with Cloudflare healthchecks we run).

So I got this (see image below) I did try to add a custom rule as you can see, but it did not work, assuming I didn’t do it correctly. Also, I enabled Bot Fight Mode because thats the only way I get event logs. Without it enabled, no logs show.

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