Unable to resolve host “<URL here>” No address associated with host name

I’ve been experiencing this error on a mobile app every now and then. Is there any way of confirming that this was not a Cloudflare DNS related issue. Any way of investigating behind the scenes?

Can you provide the <URL here>?

Is your mobile device configured to use Cloudflare, or is your question about Cloudflare Authoritative DNS?

I’m sorry, but I’m unable to disclose the url publicly at this point.

I have the related domain (zone) records on Cloudflare and I need to know if the failed request reached the Cloudflare DNS at any point. I don’t see any error responses in the request logs on the destination host.

I know https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/ is a useful indicator, but is there any way of requesting for a log extract or something like that so that I could actually rule out any doubts that the error was caused by an outage on Cloudflare?

Enterprise customers have access to the LogPull and LogPush APIs, but (as far as I know) these are limited to the HTTP logs. The best you can do on the DNS side is the dashboard.


DNS resolution outages are pretty rare, to the point that I would not expect to experience an error every now and then. If the issue is common enough, I would run the mobile app through a tool like Charles Proxy where you can see and analyse the HTTP requests.


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