Unable to resolve domain

I transferred a .tech domain to Cloudflare, but I am unable to resolve it. I have added an A record and turned off the proxy, yet from my laptop, I cannot resolve it. I have tried online resolvers, but it is not showing any Cloudflare nameserver. Kindly advise or share any references for troubleshooting. Thank you in advance.

What is the domain?

domain is miaj.tech i used it when i transferred but now its not resolving

You don’t have a DNS record for your apex domain (miaj.tech), but you do for www. Add a DNS record for @.

The DNS record for www is not proxied, so requests go direct to your origin server. The SSL certificate there is self-signed for example.com (actually example.com, that’s not a placeholder).

You need to get an SSL certificate for your origin that covers miaj.tech and *.miaj.tech from LetsEncrypt or another trusted CA. Or, if you proxy the DNS records, you can use a Cloudflare origin certificate…

This would only be trusted by Cloudflare so requires use of the proxy.

Then make sure your SSL/TLS setting is set to “Full (strict)” here…

I am using a subdomain luna.miaj.tech which is pointing to cloudflare tunnel I can see the entry in dashboard. I have added the A record (proxied) as well now still i am not able to access the website. What could be the issue. kindly advise. I still cannot ping from my device to luna.miaj.tech (proxied)

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