Unable to Reset the password

When I trying to resetting my password of another cloudflare account, when click on send then it’s not sending mail in my Gmail account

Could you please solve ASAP?

The community cannot assist with dashboard access issues, can you email support AT cloudflare DOT com and tell me the ticket number in the auto reply you receive? Email from the account for which you are trying to reset the password, cc the account you are using here, please,

I don’t know cloudflare support email address could please provide me
Then I will mail them and send you ticket number.

It’s this one, just replace the AT and DOT with the appropriate symbols.

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I got ticket no. 2241969 please resolve my problem

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Hi @tggdrive001 the account you used to contact cloudflare support has been deleted, it is not an active account and I do not show any logins on that account.

Which leads us to the question of what exactly you’d like to accomplish? There is no information associated with the other account so I am not sure as to the end goal. Any further details you can share?

This mail I received when I’m created my account.


To complete your sign up, please verify your email:


Thank you,
Cloudflare Team

When did you receive that email?

29 July 2021

Did you ever click on that and finish setting up your account?

Yes I finished all steps.
And also I setup a workers

OK, but the account you used to contact Support does not exist any longer @tggdrive001, there is no password to reset.

that zone shows as purged from your other account @tggdrive001

my workers is working currently

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