Unable to reset password

Hello everyone.

I can’t access my account because I don’t remember the password. Tried to reset it couple of times and emails don’t arrive. Tried to email [email protected] and emails are rejected.

I’m bit pissed off with this, so can anyone point me to the next step?

Thanks in advance.

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Are you trying to reset password for your Cloudflare Account or?

Please consider following from below posts:

May I ask have you tried writing an e-mail to support[at]cloudflare[dot]com?

Please make sure you are e-mailing from the e-mail address registered to the Cloudflare account and share the ticket number here so we could escalate it.

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It’s my customer account.

Yes I did it. Confirmed, reconfirmed and tried again just in case. Emails always get rejected.

Guess what, I can’t. Every email I try to send from the account email is rejected. I contacted the support from my personal email after this post and they replied me once (telling me to do what I already did lots of times), then ignored me so far.
I started using other cdn network, because if they had read the email they would know that the problem was not with the account I contacted them from. When I can’t do a good job, I simply quit.
Ticked ID is 2327324. If they fix it, cool. If they don’t, it’s their problem.
Thanks for your attention!

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Rejected how? It comes back with an error message?

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See this https://i.imgur.com/Otx8tGa.png

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I’ve not seen that happen before. You might ask your mail host about this, as there might be something wrong with your mail setup.

Nevertheless, Fritex escalated your ticket # and someone should take a look at it soon.

Another thought: Try to send the same email to the address at this spam tester. I’m hoping it will provide a clue as to why it was rejected:

I’m my mail host, and I have enough experience to assure you that’s not a problem. Moreover, I’m 99% (100% isn’t true at tech stuff huh?!) sure this system didn’t send any spam. It’s been running for more than two years without any issues.

That was actually a good idea! However it just reaffirmed what I just told you.
See: https://i.imgur.com/Fa4pFKv.png

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That’s how my spam tests look. So your DNS records are good.

Have you inspected the raw contents of that rejected message?

Sure I did, but I didn’t found any clue to what or why it happened. It’s just simple message, I tried to sent it twice (first one with one attachment, second one wihout anything else) and got the same result. I received emails from them few months ago, and now I don’t receive anymore. So that’s my confirmation that something is wrong at their side. The only thing I’m not sure is I may asked for account deletion, but from my point of view it should not affect this.