Unable to reset password for my cloudflare account!

Hello cloudflare community,

Kindly help me! I have an cloudflare account (Not this account but one with the e-mail: {redacted}) for which I have forgotten the password. But the problem is that after I click on “Forgot Password” and enter the Account’s E-Mail to send the reset password code and click on the reset button, then I don’t receive any e-mail with the code. Hence, I am not able to reset my password and am locked out of my account. Someone/z{redacted} please help as soon as possible. Regards.

Assuming you’ve entered everything correctly, it sounds like your account may be on the “please don’t send me any email”-list. If that’s the case someone from Cloudflare will have to help. The first employees should be coming on in a few hours :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes I have entered everything correctly and can you explain me that why there is a “please don’t send me any email” list and why have you added my account (customer of cloudflare) in that when I have also not unsubscribed cloudflare E-Mail? Hope cloudflare team helps me fast.

You’ve most likely opted out at some point - or perhaps you never gave Cloudflare permission to send you email. This just sounds like what others have experienced:

You could open a ticket by sending an email to support AT cloudflare DOT com and then posting the ticket # here.

Well, I don’t remember opting out of cloudflare email. Also, I could not find any place where I can give cloudflare permission to send me emails (also I was receiving promotional and update emails from cloudflare when my account was fine). Anyways, I have raised a ticket with the cloudflare team by sending them an E-Mail as suggested by you. Thank you for giving me their support E-Mail (I was not able to find it on their website).

If you’re on the free plan you should post the ticket # here :slightly_smiling_face:

The Ticket ID for the support email is #2288483.


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