Unable to renew domain due to Indian RBI rules on automated recurring payments

I am unable to renew my domain name, due to Reserve Bank of India paused cards for recurring payments, which I want to give permission manually. I found my domain enter into expired due to this. I want to renew my domain. Due to medical condition I was hopitalised. Due to which I didn’t see this issue. Please help me in this.

I opened support ticket for this, in this what is green box with “awaiting for your reply”. What should I do in this.

Hey @sudharsanjet, sincerely sorry to hear about this.

For a support ticket, this means that the ticket is waiting on you sending an additional reply. If any additional information was requested, please provide that information in your reply. Else, reply to mention that it is still an issue. Let us know how you get on.

@Erisa Thank you. I mentioned it is still an issue. Ticket is open. Thank you so much.

The ticket has been escalated to the Registrar team for review.

With most Registrars, a domain that is in the redemptionPeriod state can be renewed with the registrar directly, but it seems we need to have it reviewed here at this time.

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