Unable to renew certificate due to error message

Unable to renew certificate. I get this error- “An error occurred while attempting to validate your domain. Please try again later or [contact support] for assistance.”

This it the email I originally received from Cloudflare. Please note that I asked the host (dreamhost) to add the following CNAME entry to the DNS provider –

As part of the Cloudflare SSL certificate renewal process, we need you to re-approve the domain ____ so that we can re-issue SSL certificates for use on our network. If you previously validated this domain using the HTTP DCV method, you are receiving this email because no longer resolves to Cloudflare’s edge and thus we cannot automatically complete the renewal process.

Your current certificate expires on Tue Jul 12 23:59:59 +0000 2022. If you do not complete the validation by the expiration date, Cloudflare will remove this certificate from the edge.

Add the following CNAME entry to your authoritative DNS provider to avoid certificate expiration:

_ca3-97cd8aecef094bdbbc94206683ee2106.selborneproperties.com CNAME [link removed]

A lot of times the validation succeeded, but some other part of the process got gummed up.

If the Edge Certificates in your dashboard look good, then you’re all set.

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