Unable to Renew an Domain

At 21. January 2023, I get an email about payment failing.

auto-renew for my domain was active and I don’t know what happened Cloudflare could not get money from my Paypal or Bank account.

now I wanna renew my domain but I can’t find my domain on “Manage Domains”.

after searching on knowledge base articles, I found something about when a domain is not paid I have to contact with Cloudflare team to renew the domain.

I submitted 6 tickets about my issue but did not get any response.

subscription is Business plan!!!


Please do not open multiple tickets, it just slows the process. I am merging these in order to not delay having an agent look at this. I will escalate your post here but the suggestion given and email you received seem pretty clear. This will take some time as there are a lot of tickets to process, but please, keep your conversation in 2683172 only


Hi there, I’m sorry to read that you’re experiencing difficulties now.

We have replied in ticket 2683172, and this case has been escalated to Engineer team for investigation. We will update in ticket 2683172 once there is further detail. Please follow in ticket for updates/questions.

Thank you!

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