Unable to remove user

I am logged in as Super Admin - All Privileges. I can generally remove members as expected, except one member is listed as “Member is enrolled in the Domain Scoped Roles. Their permissions can only be edited by a SuperAdmin in the Domain Scoped Roles.” I cannot find a way to remove this member.

This is a free account. How has this user been enrolled in Domain Scoped Roles, and how can I remove this user?

I am having the same issue, except we are a paid account.

This user we’re trying to remove is no longer a part of our company and this is a security concern.

Cloudflare - please fix this ASAP.

Since you’re on a paid account, you’ll have to open a ticket to alert Cloudflare to your situation.

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After creating a ticket within Cloudflare we were able to resolve the issue. Not sure what they did on their end.

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