Unable to remove unwanted comments and plugins from wordPress


After installing Cloudflare in our site
Unable to remove unwanted comments and plugins from wordPress

Please help on this

Was your site working fine on HTTPS before you used Cloudflare?

Yes its worked before

What’s the domain and what’s your encryption mode on Cloudflare?

See here: mystarsbio

And your encryption mode?

Am not getting you point can u please elaborate

Make sure you select Full Strict

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Thank you for your support

So this fixed it?

No, still same issue

So what exactly did you change now?

I changed to encryption mode from Flexible to Full Strict

And you still run into the issue?

Yes, Please help me on this

Thank You

What’s the domain and post a screenshot of the issue.

I have removed so many time this comment, after refreshing it shows again like below

And plugins also same issue

I understand this is the URL with the comment https://mystarsbio.com/katrina-kaif/

This comment does not appear there. If it shows up in your administrative area, it’s either a caching issue or an issue with your site. Did you set up any caching rules?

Yes, I have created some rules, please see below screenshot