Unable to remove CF MX records

I thought I’d try email forwarding for my proton account, but looks like it’s not supported.

So am trying to revert (disable) the “Email” feature, but am stuck in a catch-22

Can’t directly remove the Cloudflare MX records, get a message


This record was generated by Cloudflare. It can be removed by disabling Email Routing on your domain.

And in the “Email” page, there’s no option to disable.

Here you go:


If it were that obvious to disable, I wouldn’t be here :grinning:

That “disable” option is not available. I’m guessing I’ll have to rip out all the MX start with the non-CF then the CF ones. Will follow up…


  • Remove non-CF MX records and any other conflicting records.
  • Email->Settings ENABLE email and ADD records
  • Email->Settings DISABLE and delete records
  • Re-Add DNS records for proton