Unable to register valid & available domain

Hi all,

I’m currently trying to register an io domain with Cloudflare Registrar Beta and despite it being available and able to be registered by Cloudflare, it’s not showing up in the search results. If I go to the registration page directly by swapping out a different URL it just stalls and doesn’t show any information.

Happy to open a ticket via support if need be, just thought because of the unusual TLD it might me worth asking here first.

I suggest you hide the hostname so nobody beats you to it.

I know others have been able to register .io in the past. I can see that trying a different gibberish .io domain doesn’t show it in the Available list.

Send a message to: support AT cloudflare DOT com and post the ticket # here. Maybe .io just isn’t working at the moment. Probably a glitch.

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Done, ticket #2270131

Cloudflare Team - The ticket was closed automatically because I’m not the owner of the domain I mentioned (yet), would someone still be able to look over it? I sent the email from the email I use for my Cloudflare account.

Most tickets are closed automatically, but as long as you have a ticket number, someone can look at it and re-open it. I’ve put this in the escalation queue, so hopefully someone will be in soon to take a look at it.

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