Unable to register new domain

Im trying to register a domain but i’m not able to do it.
This is the message that I receive.

Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information of evalmont.ie at this time. Please contact Cloudflare Support or try again later.

With CloudFlare you can not register domains, but move them to CloudFlare as soon as they are registered and do have NameServers:

Same problem here. May the answer here helps you:

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply.

In fact, I only want to add the domain to the clooudflare system. The domain was boought many years ago and i was using hosting that is down (OVH). Yestarday i was trying to use the NS from cloudflare but previously i have to add Evalmont.ie to cloudflare. Thats the issue, i’m not able to do it.

The problem is

And this mostly is based on the fact that CloudFlare can not resolve your NS.
I personally also can not get a NameServer for your Domain aswell…

If you are on Windows please run:

nslookup evalmont.ie (resolve NS with CloudFlare)
nslookup evalmont.ie (resolve NS with Google)

and post here if you can find any NameServer by running these commands.
If you can not find any please first add back the old ones (most probably ns1.admdns.com & ns2.admdns.com) and after the old ones are propagated again try again to move to CloudFlare.

But before you try to move to CloudFlare you have to have valid public NameServers.

That does not have anything to do with DNS/NS. Professional DNS Services do have multiple backups so a fire in OVH will never harm them.

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+1 to that correct reply, @incidencias, Cloudflare Support cannot assist in this regard, you need to have name servers that respond in order to add the domain and the existing name servers have not propagated, DNS Checker - DNS Propagation Check & DNS Lookup

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