Unable to register domain with Free Plan

Dear Cloudflare,

We’re trying to register a domain with the free plan, that domain being ‘psyites-site.tk’, however every time we attempt to we get this error:


This is really strange as we’ve previously registered a couple domains with this same account:


The domain is showing correctly within the registar and the nameservers are still set to default.



How can we resolve this issue?
UPDATE: 10/25/2021 The issue has been resolved, we now own a .xyz domain and use that for our website, thanks everyone for helping.
The Psyites Team

That domain is registered under a TLD which is governed by the Freenom registry. Freenom currently experiences issues with their Whois service which prevents such domains from being added to Cloudflare. Freenom needs to fix that on their side. Unfortunately there is no ETA known for that.

It probably is best to register a proper domain instead. They already go for less than $10 a year.

Alright, understandable.
Thank you very much for the quick response! We’ll let you know if anything changes.

Alright I’ve just sent an email to their support email which is listed on their site:

Here’s the email which I sent: Google Drive