Unable to register domain name

Hello there!

I currently have 5 domains registered with Cloudflare (4 were transferred from 123Reg and the 5th one was registered directly with Cloudflare back in February earlier this year.

Like I did before, I would like to register a new domain directly with Cloudflare rather than registering somewhere else and waiting 60 days before I can transfer to CF. The only problem here is I’m not able to find the option to register a new domain anymore - the only option I can see is to transfer an existing domain.

What am I doing wrong? Any help would be much appreciated - thank you!

Hi @luckvintage,

New registrations are currently in beta and are only available to some accounts.

@ebrown may be able to help with access to the beta.

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Thank you for the fast response.

I’m assuming I had access the beta back in February when I registered a domain directly with Cloudflare. Is there a reason why I no longer have access? Just curious.

If @ebrown could help with access to the beta I would much appreciate it!

No problem, I’m not sure. I haven’t lost access to the beta from then on my account. I’m not sure if they reduced the number of accounts with it.

Perhaps - yeah. Hopefully ebrown can help me regain access when they are available :grinning:. I’d much rather use Cloudflare as the registrar for my domains if possible.

Thanks again!

Do you by any chance have 2 accounts or is just one that was granted access to beta ?
Please open a ticket with our Support team and let me know the ticket # and I’ll follow up for you with @ebrown .


Hi Gloria,

Thank you for your reply.

This has now been resolved - ebrown kindly re-enabled beta access for my account :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Glad to hear about it, thanks for the updates :slight_smile:


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