Unable to register devices to warp CF_REGISTRATION_MISSING

Receiving the error: CF_REGISTRATION_MISSING

Registration error: Please try again

Is this definitely related to current Cloudflare incident?

  • Have uninstalled / reinstalled warp
  • Disabled ipv6
  • Started to review log files

One of the errors in daemon.log
Operation not authorized in this context.

See the same error:
Operation not authorized in this context.

This is from multiple locations behind different firewalls. Firewalls are just NAT gateways.

  • Disabled Windows Firewall
  • Checked Windows Defender Event Viewer

Did the following;

  • Working Windows 11 Vanialla Workstation - Uninstalled Warp
  • Reinstalled latest Warp Cliend - now seeing the same issue

Also facing this on M1 Macbook pro, what steps should I take to get more information?

Issue was caused by the Cloudflare outage

hi, did you soloved this problem? I also block by this issue. Could you mind telling me more things about this?