Unable to register a website

I’m unable to register my website “amalkjose.in”

Error : amalkjose.in is not a registered domain

Kindly help me to solve the issue

Not sure about the question. You already posted the link to the right article.

amalkjose.in does not have a supported TLD on Cloudflare, which means you need to use a different domain registrar to purchase the domain.

Once you’ve done that, you can add it to Cloudflare by changing the nameservers from your domain registrar to Cloudflare by following the “Add a site” process.

That is not correct, the TLD is all right.

The OP simply does not have a proper DNS setup and - as mentioned in a million threads - needs to fix that. But all of that is mentioned in the article posted by the OP anyhow.


Well, seems you managed to add it.