Unable to register a new domain name

I am trying to register a new domain name through Cloudflare.

Once I select a new domain name, it briefly shows the “Register ___” page

After about 3 seconds, it refreshes to this: “___ is unavailable. Please try another domain.”

Console error reports this JS error:

SparrowEventNotAllowedError: Event not allowed: “Exists”

Replicable on Chrome, Firefox, and in Incognito mode of both.

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First of all
Is this fix ?

No, this is a bug, I think.

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I request you to follow this steps


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This is not possible.

Between step 3 and step 4, a Javascript error occurs (as noted above) that prevents progressing with purchasing a domain name.

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I recommend you to contact Cloudflare support about this issue and mark this is a solution


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