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Hi all,
I registered a domain using Cloudflare and while I’m using the sub-domains for the purpose of accessing my local services, I’d like the main page to redirect to a simple html page I uploaded in Workers&Pages.

I tried to do so by linking my project to my domain ( My Project → Custom Domains; then added both landing-a8j.pages.dev) and Oops... as CNAMEs (www) in my Dns Records manager) but it still won’t work. If I visit www.stefanomorello.net it leads to

"Connection timed out Error code 522

Visit cloudflare.com for more information.

2024-04-17 19:10:30 UTC"

This can be known to happen with the method you are trying to use:

To ensure a custom domain is added successfully, you must go through the Add a custom domain process described above. Manually adding a custom CNAME record pointing to your Cloudflare Pages site - without first associating the domain (or subdomains) in the Cloudflare Pages dashboard - will result in your domain failing to resolve at the CNAME record address, and display a 522 error.

You can read more on this here:

Thank you so much for this. I started from scratch by removing the custom CNAME and re-adding it the way you recommended. It now shows “Active” under my custom domains tab, but when visiting www.stefanomorello.net , I still see the same “connection timed out” error.

Could it be because the CNAME is pointed towards landing-a8j.pages.dev (the url listed under “Production” ) whereas my page is only visible by going to Oops... (the url listed under “Deployment” + the name of the html page)?

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