Unable to redirect website through Cloudflare

I own the domain khanpiesse. com and I currently don’t use it for anything other than an iCloud Mail server I setup through Apple. However I would like to set it up so that khanpiesse. com redirects to khanpiesse. weebly. com which is another website I have. Despite following every single support article I could find regarding page rules and bulk redirects, and setting up DNS, whenever I go to khanpiesse .com it just fails to load no matter what.

I am a newbie at websites so if I have forgotten to do a basic step then I am sorry but I really need help and I have watched a bunch of YouTube tutorials and read many forums posts but cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.

Here are some images from my account and domain setup

You don’t need both Page Rules and Dynamic Redirects. I would do this with Bulk Redirects.

Create your Bulk Redirect List as shown below.

Source URL Target URL
khanpiesse.com/ https://khanpiesse.weebly.com
www.khanpiesse.com/ https://khanpiesse.weebly.com

Once that is done, you can create the corresponding Bulk Redirect Rule (step 3 in the linked directions above) and enable it.

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Thank you so so so much!!! It worked. You are amazing. Seriously.

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