Unable to redirect from http domain(no hosting) to https

My situation is almost similar to How to redirect domain to another domain without hosting plan? | Hostinger Help Center

I have an http domain A with no hosting, and https domain with basic managed wordpress hosting. Both are from godaddy. The requirement is to redirect http domain A to https domain B

Both the domains are added to cloudflare dns and shown as active. Page rule to redirect is also given. However I am getting error shortener secureserver 404

Can you community members pls check, and help?

If you have “Always Use Https” on and the site is proxied then it should be fine. You can enable it here:

If you need more help you should share your domain.

Hi Walshy,
Thank you very much for the kind help
A domain (no ssl, no hosting, to be redirected to B domain) is amtrust.in
B domain (ssl, basic managed wordpress hosting) is amtrustrn.com

Flexible SSL is selected for domain A

Always use HTTPS is switched on

Page rule for redirect is provided

However it does not seem to work.
Will be highly helpful, if more inputs can be provided to get this to work

That page rule only covers www.
You should cover that and no subdomain. An ideal rule would be *amtrust.in/*

Thank you very much Walshy for your kind help. It is very much appreciated. I figured it out

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