Unable to receive the login code email from cloudflare

This problem has probably appeared for more than a month. I have been using my domain email as the login email address for Cloudflare. At first I thought it was a problem with my mail configuration. But this is not the case. I checked the email system, but they are set up properly, and I can receive emails sent to my email via Gmail and Outlook. When I logged into the Cloudflare community just now, because it was the first time I came to the community, the system sent me an activation email. Surprisingly, my mailbox successfully received the account activation email from Cloudflare Community. But when I tried to log in to the Dashboard, the email with the verification code sent to me by Cloudflare still couldn’t be received. I checked all my trash bins, but they didn’t. I contacted my email hosting company (Ali Enterprise Mailbox) and they said that the system is operating normally, so I am now very confused.

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