Unable to receive permissions or delete account

My colleague is trying to add my account to his website, but he is not able to.

His account is configured to require 2FA enforcement, and I enabled both 2FA and 2FA enforcement in my account, but it still not working.

He is getting the message “Error when processing member: user is participating in an incompatible authorization system(Code: 1005)”.

I have a strong suspicion that this is happening because I had first registered with my Apple ID, and apparently it is not possible to remove this integration with Apple ID.

I also tried to delete my account, but got the error “User actors are not supported by this API for now (Code: 9109)”.

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Same here, I also tried to delete my account and got User actors are not supported by this API for now (Code: 9109). I then disabled Ublock Origin an Firefox’ Enhanced Tracking Protection, but it still fails. It’s even more frustrating to have to create a user here in the forums in order to post that deleting my main CF user does not work.

Have you tried setting up an account password and using that to authenticate, instead of using “Sign in with Apple”? Not sure that would fix it but it’s worth a shot.

In my case, I see a POST to /api/v4/user/delete returns a 501 Not Implemented

Ahh, you’re trying to delete your account. I’d open a ticket with support.

yea, i can’t delete my account too, it shows up as “User actors are not supported by this API for now (Code: 9109)”

also i currently logged in as email & password


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