Unable to receive Gmail emails


I recently moved my domain’s DNS management to Cloudflare since nameservers weren’t working properly and it’s been working fine, until I realised I wasn’t able to receive emails at all.

Was missing an MX record, no problem, now can I can receive Hotmail emails…
Received a test email from a public 10minutemail…
but not GMail emails?

Gmail or G Suite? The former isn’t possibly connected with Cloudflare, the latter simply needs MX records (and if added before SPF and DKIM records).

Hello, thank you for your reply, sorry for my late one.

Turns out that several minutes (about 10-15) after sending them, they finally arrived all at once. I tried to send another today, took about 2-4 minutes. They’re just being very slow, compared to the rest, not sure why, but hey, it’s working, so I’m fine with this, I guess.

Usually Google is slow either when the sender is slow or they suspect phishing/spam and they do additional checks.

Hi Matteo, is it that MX records should be added before SPF and DKIM records? I’m wondering because it might explain some issues i’m having with setting up G Suite. I had a go at adding these records on Cloudflare but don’t recall the order I took created them. Thanks.

it doesn’t really matter, I would probably set MX records and SPF, once they work then go into G Suite and configure DKIM.

Great stuff, that’s sort of where I was heading with it and good to know. thank you!

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