Unable to reach my root domain on the internal network

Im am kinda doubting this is a cloudflare issue but I’m really lost at the moment and hesitant to start making config changes. Just really asking for insight.

I have a number of hosted services with a mix of sub domains and sub directories. I’m running the swag container on unraid as my reverse proxy with ports 444 and 81 which is forwarded from my pfsense.

I realized that while I’m at home on the internal network, my domain.com (my A record) doesn’t work but using www will work and the subdirectory so as well when using www. I do have a service that is tried to the root in nginx so the web browser just gives a timeout error. No issues with my subdomains. They are currently set as proxied (orange cloud) and set to strict ssl. When I ping my domain.com if gives me an ip of but pinging the subdomains are outputting the proper cloudflare ip. No idea what the 192. address is.

Accessing externally does not show a single problem. So I haven’t heard an issue this was problem till I checked at home

I do not recall changing anything that would cause this change. I’m guessing maybe something with pfsense in this case?

Hi @mkono87,

Did you manage to get this resolved? It sounds like a local issue with your DNS resolver, or possible an entry in your Hosts file if it’s just on one device.

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